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Just imagine your next time share resort resale experience as the following; the sun setting over coastal marshes where mainland Georgia dissolves into muck, spartina grass and saltwater, then re-forms as barrier islands. The tide is out, and below the Jekyll Island Club Wharf the water has receded… A shrimp boat motors past, bulging nets hanging from its arms. Birds swarm around it; circling the masts…this is the scene off of Cumberland Island, Georgia; and yes, a very different vacation experience than what we might think of for Florida; but non-the-less, just as gratifying, relaxing and enjoyable. 

Georgia’s barrier islands are nothing like those some are accustomed to having experienced time share resort resale vacations in South Florida. They are low-key, void of high-rises and freeways and separated from the mainland by ecologically rich marshlands and wildlife refuges.  The sea is simultaneously friend and foe, depositing sand to form delicate dunes in one spot while viciously eating away the land in other spots; each island is unique and memorable offering its own style of vacation experiences.  There are luxury resorts, inns and bead and breakfasts marine research stations, protected Indian shell mounds, wild horses, fishing piers that double as social venues and old forts that have been turned into parks.  Some of the islands along Georgia’s 150-mile coastline are wildlife sanctuaries or research stations not open to the public and others are private.  For the next trip you are planning, consider a vacation time share rental at one of Georgia’s luxury resorts on one of the many barrier islands.

Top Timeshare Resort Resale Destinations for 2011

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The year 2011 is here and time share resort resale activity is booming.   In less than a month after travelers returned from Christmas and New Year vacations, the time share resale market activity is pointing us to some of the key destinations that are a must for 2011 travel and vacation plans.  Check the 10 destinations suggested below for your planned or un-planned time share vacation:

Maui, Hawaii

A prominent part of the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui tops the choice of leisure travelers in United States.  The island in the US state of Hawaii offers leisure and adventure travel experiences such as; whale watching, active volcano site seeing , snorkeling, water skiing, golf courses, cruises and many more authentic attractions. West and South Maui are supposedly the best tourism spots with west embracing shopping places, fine restaurants and resorts, while south woos with its miles of sandy beaches and underwater adventures. Maui’s major airport is Kahului Airport that connects to the major islands.  Check the time share resale market, for price and availability of time share resorts throughout the island. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii and has been featured in over seventy Hollywood films and is gaining popularity for its landscapes, valleys, beaches and many picturesque locations.  Some of the time share resorts here are of the utmost breathtaking and of absolute pure serenity; this is part of paradise.  

Big Island, Hawaii

The largest island in the United States, Big Island is also called the Island of Hawaii and is an volcano island, which attracts tourists to its magnificent aura and mystique.

New York, New York

New York City attracted almost 49-million tourists in 2010, about 7 percent up from 45.5 million the previous year. According to the city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg, last year’s figure firmly places the city on a pace to draw 50 million visitors in 2011. Some special attractions to consider that are special to the year 2011 are; The Statue of Liberty’s 125 birthday and the inauguration of the National September 11 Memorial devoted to the 9/11 tragedies…two events that are sure not to be missed.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley in California is noted for viticulture…the Valley has numerous wineries that attract over five million people every year; it could get you sideways, but a great choice amongst the time share resale market.   

Orlando, Florida

Home to Disney World and some of the worlds leading time share destinations!

Colorado Mountains

The Southwest region of Colorado, which has the dominating presence of mountains in throughout the United States, is blessed to receive early season snowfall every year, attracting skiers and snowboarders. The region that is home to the Rocky Mountains as well, is in abundance of ski resorts including; Monarch Mountain Resort, Durango Mountain Resort to name a few. Ranges such as Echo Mountain near the city of Denver are the most sought after areas for cheap skiing and snowboard activities in Colorado. Steamboat Springs, is an internationally known town for winter resort holidays, and happens to be the spot for many of the world’s professional and amateur skiing competitions.  This is a time share resale resort destination that has been resort options to choose.    

Las Vegas, Nevada

The popularity of Las Vegas as a major worldwide city notorious for gambling, casinos and night life is not unknown to most time share resort resale owners and renters.  The Las Vegas Strip, a stretch of Las Vegas Blvd., housing some of world’s major casinos, largest hotels, restaurants and the like will continue to embrace the city as one of the most popular time share resort destinations in the US and abroad. 

Miami South Beach, Florida

South Beach is a section of city on the Atlantic coast of Miami, Florida. Nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and the like keep time share and resort enthusiasts hooked to the place. Miami itself attracts over 12 million time share owners and renters every year. 

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge, China Town and cable cars have given fame to San Francisco, and as much the same to the city’s architecture, museums, and art and entertainment culture wooed tourists. The city is also a popular spot for gay tourism.

2011 is gearing up to be fantastic year for time share travel.  The time share resale market has a tremendous amount of resort selection, and time share prices are sure to be an advantage over the resorts direct.  If you are looking to sell or rent your time share the time share resale market reaches millions of targeted prospective buyers on a daily basis.  And if you are looking to buy or rent a time share destination at any of the above destinations, be sure to check the availability on the time share resale market.  Leaders such as and Vacation Property Resales can help.

Exceptional Resort Conditions – Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

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“With 32,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor function space, our Clearwater hotel and resort will be the area’s premier resort for functions…to have our resort be recognized by both industry veterans and those who will do business at our property is a true acknowledgement of our hard work,” said Nancy Longstreth, director of sales and marketing, Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa.
Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa opened in February 2010. The resort’s 250 guest suites blend tropical elegance and a luxurious carefree experience like none other on Florida’s west coast. Breathtaking Gulf views provide the backdrop for expansive floor plans ranging from deluxe to one- and two-bedroom beach suites. Each suite features a full kitchen and balconies or rooftop terraces. Amenities include a swimming pool with 20 air-conditioned poolside cabanas, an exclusive beach club and multiple dining options offering local seafood and Pan-Latin fusion dishes to healthy grab-and-go items. The resort also offers a full-service Hyatt Pure Spa, Camp Hyatt kids club as well as 12,000 square feet of indoor and 20,000 square feet of outdoor function space for premier beachside events. 
“Our goal in establishing Elite Certification was to compile a peer-rated resource that recognized those properties that represent the best of the best, independent of affiliation…we’re proud to offer Elite Certified status to this Clearwater hotel and resort…our endorsement reflects our belief in the exceptional standards that visiting groups can expect”, say EMI CEO, Kelly Foy.  Elite Certified status is granted by EMI’s Elite Meetings Advisory Board, a distinguished body comprised of corporate meeting planners and hospitality executives. The board considers the resorts and hotels based on a demonstrated commitment to providing an exceptional group experience. A number of criteria factor into the advisory board’s assessment, including the arrival experience, accommodations, meeting and event facilities, activity options, food and beverage, and most importantly, service.

A Puerto Rico Golfers Delight – Golf and Resort

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Source: CyberGolf, August 2010

Located on approximately 200 acres of the property, nurtured by the El Yunque and blanketed by warm ocean breezes and bright sunshine, Trump International Puerto Rico’s two courses are an integral part of a complete tropical destination.  Playing golf at the Tom Kite-designed Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico is like the island experience in a microcosm; thanks to two courses differentiated by four distinct nine-hole routings; The Lakes, Palms, Mountain and Ocean nines, were combined to form various combinations of 18 holes.

In 2005, a move was made by Sydney Wolf, president of the Puerto Rico Golf Association, to lure the PGA Tour back to the island. As a result, Kite redesigned the courses in 2007 to be defined as two distinct 18-hole tracks, while the Trump branding replaced the original name.

The Lakes and Ocean nines have been combined to form the Championship Course, chosen by the PGA Tour as the site for the 2008-2010 Puerto Rico Open presented by Banco Popular; while the Mountains and Palms nines have been brought together as the International Course.

Trump International Puerto Rico, set some 30 minutes east of the capitol city of San Juan in Rio Grande, originated in 2004 as the Coco Beach Golf & Country Club.  The courses’ unique design is distinguished by the use of a punta extending into the Atlantic Ocean as the course’s backbone.  Trump International was the first design project for Kite outside the mainland United States.  The world-class designer routed the courses around protected wetlands, through the jungle, over foothills of the ever-present El Yunque rain forest and along the beach.

“Quite honestly, I am pleased with the golf courses and how the two have come together,” Kite said. “The four nines each have their own personality, but pairing them as we have doesn’t seem forced. They are all fun to play and, most of all, they are fair but challenging”.  

Nearby Resort:  Gran Meliá Golf Resort Puerto Rico – Set within Coco Beach Resort in Río Grande, home of the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open, the resort’s luxury accommodations span six villas, including a two-bedroom Presidential Villa, and 480 suites in 20 two-story bungalows.

New England Vacation – Newport Lobster Feast

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The Hyatt Regency Newport Hotel and Spa has undergone $35 million worth of renovations to maximize the seaside property’s fantastic views. The updated rooms mirror the ocean with relaxing beachy hues, and the theme continues throughout the hotel with watery spirals echoed in the spa and pool windows and the hotel’s lighting and carpeting.  From years past to years ahead, the Hyatt Regency Newport Hotel and Spa continues its annual clambake for guests.  The annual feast features Executive Chef Martin Quinn unveiling wooden trays of lobster, corn, potatoes, steamers and mussels amid a distinctively smoky, salty scented whirl of steam.  The strong fragrance of the seafood and the earthy aroma of baked rock seaweed fill the air as the traditional Wampanoag Indian clambake is disassembled, of which is a true New England experience.  New England lobster bake originated with the Wampanoag Indian tribe in the 1700s. The three-hour long process started with rocks heated for an hour and half over burning wood. As the embers of the wood burn away, the rocks are covered with wet rock seaweed, which gives up its moisture as the pods burst on the sizzling hot rocks.  Non-seafood lovers also have several options that are served along with the clambake including steaks, grilled chicken, grilled veggies and others.  The feast is capped off with peach cobbler served with vanilla ice cream.    

Although the clambake is only available to groups this summer, the Windward Restaurant, one of three dining venues at the hotel that are open to the public, offers a complete New England style seafood menu, including the Aquidneck clam chowder, which won second place at 2010’s chowder festival in Newport, RI.  Also, the Windward offers a traditional New England seafood feast featuring a sweet 1 1/4-lb lobster with drawn butter, steamers, shrimp, haddock and cod.  The tapas menu also features several seafood options such as the calamari, grilled artichoke and crab potato pancakes, Atlantic lobster medallions and Malpaque oysters.  Other restaurants include; the newly created Five33 Lounge, adjacent to the lobby and outdoor deck offers signature drinks and lighter fare, and the Bay restaurant, serving-up summertime specialty drinks.     

Other resort notables:

The Stillwater Spa was completely redesigned and offers spa treatments on the deck overlooking Newport harbor.   An old parking area at the back of the property was demolished in order to create a lush, green-lawn where volleyball and yoga are common activities. A gas fireplace on the patio also offers families plenty of cooking options over the cozy seaside fire.   
For guests who prefer to spend more time on the property enjoying the island hotel’s salt-water outdoor pool and other amenities, a recently hired activities director is continously arranging activities such as watercolor painting classes, outdoor yoga and movie nights on the great lawn.

The Hyatt Regency Newport Hotel and Spa is pet friendly.

There are two Hyatt resorts in Newport area serving as many as 75 clambakes a year starting in April and ending as Autumn begins to yield to winter in early November.

Timeshare, Resort and Condominiums for Gay Travelers

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Of course you can travel wherever you want whether you are gay, lesbian or heterosexual; but it may be of interest to know that after the G Worldwide, a New York-based gay luxury travel brand that promises beautiful hotels around the world, some Disney properties in South Florida are developing communities that are creating quite a buzz in the wealthy gay and lesbian communities.

G’s is a 700,000 square-foot property and is expected to wrap-up construction in 2011 and have both hotel and timeshare options available.

Walt Disney World will be offering the chance to live inside the park, with residences starting at $1.5m and is initially planned to span 980-acres and carry the name of The Golden Oak development.  Ultimately buyers will only purchase lots, and the construction of a home is their responsibility.

Thailand Golf Destination

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source: Calgary Herald, June 2010

Thailand Golf and Timeshare Destination

It has been said that there are good golf destinations and there are great golf destinations. If you haven’t heard, Thailand happens to be one of the Great Ones.  Whether or not you have experienced the wonderful culture of Thailand, it will quickly become evident that Thais love their golf, and as many as two million of the 64 million play the game; unlike many Asian countries where golf is mainly for tourists, there are more than 250 golf courses in Thailand.     

At the center of it all sits Bangkok, a city of 10 million people and a modernized, thriving city that is quite welcoming.

If you haven’t completely fathomed Great Golf and Thailand, some notables are; Tiger Woods claiming victory during a PGA Tournament in 1999 at the Thai Country Club.  The LPGA Tour has made several stops in the past three years, and there are multiple Asian Tour events and golf exhibitions continuously being scheduled featuring some of the game’s top names.  In sync with the Thai culture and the strength within the people, the majority of the Great Courses are resort tracks open to the public.    

There is no shortage of five-star accommodations to choose from in choosing a golf destination.  Consider some of the following; Pattaya, Hui Hin and Bangkok.  In Bangkok, luxurious rooms and plenty of other amenities await at places like the Westin Sukhumvit and Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa.  Marriott runs a dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River that winds through downtown where you will be surrounded by some of the countries renowned temples and palaces. In places like Pattaya, 90 minutes southwest of Bangkok, the Woodlands Resort offers terrific rooms, and in places like In Hui Hin, the Marriott Hua Hin features a hotel right on the beach and just down the road sits the Anantara, a cluster of villas, beach-front setting and numerous amenities.  You may be curious to know that the beaches in Thailand are phenomenal…warm, blue-green waters stringing a long articulated coastline.

Play well and relax in some of the many warm and peaceful settings Thailand has to offer.

Hawaii’s Awesome Scenic Drives

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For those who have or are thinking about vacationing in and around Hawaii, AAA Travel Views has developed a list of “must experience” drives.  The views and opinions in this article are mostly those of Chuck Gross, travel and marketing manager, AAA Southern New England. 

1. MAUI: The Road to Hana
Possibly one of the most beautiful drives on the planet.  This drive will ultimately bring you into the tiny village of Hana, but be sure to plan a full day around the drive.  From Kahului take 36 east, just past Pauwela, the road will narrow and become State Route 360.  Sites worth seeing along the way include Keanae Arboretum, Waianapanapa State Park, Hana Coast Gallery, Red Sand Beach and the Hasegawa General Store.

2. KAUAI: Grand Canyon of the Pacific – the wettest spot on the planet
Head west from Kauai’s main town of Lihue along State Rte 50 to the Hawaiian village of Waimea.  Continue traveling north on Rte 550 running alongside the Waimea Canyon; known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  The road leads through Kokee State Park and ultimately the Kalalau Lookout. There are several spots on the way up with breathtaking views, and if your in the mood for some local cuisine, there is a small restaurant and a lodge…in addition, there is the Kokee Natural History Museum.

3. NORTH SHORE OAHU: Route Of The Surfers
Banzai Pipeline and 15-20 foot waves are notorious along this gem of a route.  A surfers haven, Waimea Bay has monstrous waves that can make the ground shake when they break.  Home to the Waimea Valley Audubon Society, stunning botanical gardens, nature trails and picturesque waterfalls, this hidden dream-land can be accessed from Honolulu traveling north on H-2 and then pick-up Route 99 (Kamehameha Highway) heading towards the North Shore. You meet up with  Route 83 which circles nearly all the way around the entire island of Oahu.

4. MAUI: Upcountry and Haleakala National Park
If you have ever wondered what it is like to experience euphoria…watch the sunrise over the edge of the crater of Haleakala…Maui’s dormant volcano that rises over 10,000 above the Pacific. You’ll need to leave quite early to get there in time plus remember to dress warmly as the temperatures will be in the 30’s at this altitude. Your return trip down the mountain could include a visit to the Tedeschi Vineyards and the Kula Botanical Gardens. To get to the top of the volcano, take the Haleakala Highway (Route 37), at Pukalani, Route 377 will branch off to the left and begin the steep climb to the top. After 6 miles, look for signs to the entrance to the National Park and its narrow winding road.
5. HAWAII: Big Island Circle Route (Volcanoes to Waterfalls)
The Big Isle of Hawaii is home to the two largest mountains on the planet; Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, also there is the active volcano of Kilauea.  As most hotels are on the West side along the Kona Coast…it will take a full day to make the grand circle of this diverse island. Highlights include the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Chain Of Craters Road, Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Farm, the town of Hilo, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Akaka Falls, and the Parker Ranch.

This island was the home to the Belgium priest, Father Damian, who spent years ministering to those suffering from Hanson’s Disease at the Kalaupapa.  There is no independent touring allowed at the former colony, however for those over 16 years old, there are organized mule rides that descend along the 1,700 foot precipice among the tallest sea cliffs in the world.  Just past the stables, the road continues to the Kalaupapa Lookout that offers incredible views of the cliffs and colony below.

The North Shore of Kauai is where Hollywood came to film the movie South Pacific. Driving north from Lihue on Route 56, there are many sights worth seeing on your drive such as the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge & Kilauea Lighthouse, the charming village of Hanalei, the Hanalei River and Hanalei Valley Lookout, and Lumahi Beach where the movie was filmed. 

For those who are staying in the Lahaina and Kaanapali area, plan a day trip around the West Maui Mountains for an adventurous day of picnicking and swimming.  Head north on Route 30, just past Fleming Park there is a steep path down to Mokuleia Beach and its Underwater Marine Sanctuary, which offers great snorkeling. Further ahead is Honolua Bay with its black rocky beach.  Continuing around the Northwest tip of Maui, the highway becomes Route 340 with spectacular views and a sense that you have the whole island just to yourself.  Once you’re on the other side of the mountains, stop at the Ioa Valley State Park for glimpses of the famous Iao Needle.  

9. OAHU: Through The Tunnels Cemetery of The Pacific… known as the Punchbowl. Once on the highway, look for signs for the Pali Lookout, a small park offering breathtaking views of eastern Oahu. The highway travels under the Koolau Mountains through an impressive tunnel…keep heading south along Route 72.  For those with extra time Sea Life Park is along the way…the highway passes by Koko Crater and the stunning Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. 

10. HAWAII: Big Island Northwestern Tip
The Northwestern tip of the Big Isle, Hawaii, is rarely visited by tourists and for those staying along the Kona Coast, take Route 19 north…you’ll pass Hapuna Beach which is worth a stop when the waters are calm as it is frequented by endangered green sea turtles.  Continue onto Route 270 to Lapakahi State Park to get a glimpse of the Hawaiian ways of 600 years ago.  Heading all the way to the tip of the island you’ll discover Mookini Heiau—the birthplace of Kamehameha I and the site where legend says the priest Paao first arrived from Polynesia.

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