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A timeshare is a vacation ownership option where a number of individuals share deeded interest to a specific property. Typically, a resort will be divided into units, with each unit having a different owner for each week of the year. The owner reserves the right to a designated unit size for one week per year, either a fixed week every year or a week that “floats” during a specific season. Depending on the resort, the owner may be able to exchange within the network of the company that owns the resort, or they may have to join an exchange company to exchange their week for another at a different resort.  Some timeshare companies operate on a “points” based system, where owners are allotted a certain amount of points or credits that they can use to book vacations at a number of related resorts.

Timeshare units are different from typical hotel rooms, and more closely resemble condominiums. The units or villas are fully furnished, and generally include one to three bedrooms, multiple bedrooms, full kitchen, and a living room and dining area. Timeshare resorts typically have on site amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, sports courts, and activity centers. Owners are responsible for maintenance fees that are paid either annually or biennially. These fees are paid to the timeshare Homeowners Association (HOA) and are used to maintain and update the resort as needed.

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