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From a small hotel in the French Alps in the 1960’s, Timeshare has experienced revolutionary growth and is poised to continue the rise.  The growth is attributed mostly to RCI, Interval International and Trading Places International; the three largest timeshare exchange companies within the industry.  Many of the US-based timeshare companies anticipate tremendous growth in overseas markets such as Asia, the Middle East and South Africa; and what this means to you, the vacationing enthusiast are more hotel/resort destinations to explore and experience for the first time.       

Geoff Ballotti, the president and CEO of RCI Timeshare was quoted as saying; “owners are always looking for new experiences, especially overseas, and there are ever-increasing opportunities in places in Asia – China, Indonesia and India, for example – that make it imperative for us to be there. 

Advances in the above mentioned regions have been received quite positively; in fact “RCI experienced a 14 per cent growth in the number of Asian members with 10,000 new members joining its network during the year”. 

On average in 2009, statistics showed that timeshares saw 80 per cent occupancy rates…some of this success is a result of the resale sector selling and renting for those owners who choose not to use their ownership.  The resale sector offers a convenient, interactive place on the web where buyers can view several timeshare units at a resort and typically purchase for a bargain.  However you buy or sell, and wherever your Home Resort is, 2010 and beyond are exciting times for timesharing; be adventurous, love with family and friends, explore together and most of all cherish the good times that come with timeshare. 

Source(s): Business Times and Asia One Business, April 25, 2010

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