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published on June 19th, 2011 in Time share Resale Resorts, Time share Resort Destinations, Timeshare Resales, Timeshare Vacation Spots tagged ,

Just imagine your next time share resort resale experience as the following; the sun setting over coastal marshes where mainland Georgia dissolves into muck, spartina grass and saltwater, then re-forms as barrier islands. The tide is out, and below the Jekyll Island Club Wharf the water has receded… A shrimp boat motors past, bulging nets hanging from its arms. Birds swarm around it; circling the masts…this is the scene off of Cumberland Island, Georgia; and yes, a very different vacation experience than what we might think of for Florida; but non-the-less, just as gratifying, relaxing and enjoyable. 

Georgia’s barrier islands are nothing like those some are accustomed to having experienced time share resort resale vacations in South Florida. They are low-key, void of high-rises and freeways and separated from the mainland by ecologically rich marshlands and wildlife refuges.  The sea is simultaneously friend and foe, depositing sand to form delicate dunes in one spot while viciously eating away the land in other spots; each island is unique and memorable offering its own style of vacation experiences.  There are luxury resorts, inns and bead and breakfasts marine research stations, protected Indian shell mounds, wild horses, fishing piers that double as social venues and old forts that have been turned into parks.  Some of the islands along Georgia’s 150-mile coastline are wildlife sanctuaries or research stations not open to the public and others are private.  For the next trip you are planning, consider a vacation time share rental at one of Georgia’s luxury resorts on one of the many barrier islands.

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